My magical abilities to act like a jack-ass with a unicorn horn upon my head is quite riveting. No pictures to prove this though. >.>; I live in Oklahoma which is perfect for me. Watching tornadoes while lounging in a rocking chair is perfection for me. And being a part of Castiel Angel's was a bit of a shocker for me. I just was rooting for them. Supporting them through a tough time and they made them one of them. Not knowing I am not the most creative being out there. Just starting to craft. Other than my cross stitch portraits which take......FOREVER.

Oklahoma Team - Currently Recruiting

Louisiana Team - Currently Recruiting

Belguim Leader- Kayleigh Spriet

Ohio Team - Currently Recruiting

West Virginia Team - Currently Recruiting

Florida Team - Currently Recruiting

"Lizzie a mother of two little princesses, housewife, a painter, digital image designer, a writer, an avid reader, an idea person, and has her Masters in Sarcasm. In her spare time, she takes care of others, watches Netflix obsessively, and listens to podcasts.

Kayleigh lives in Belgium and she started watching Supernatural when she had a very rough time. She's all caught up and with little research done. She wants to help the cast with their projects. Let's take Castiel's Angels on an international level! 

Louisiana Leader- Callie Duhon

Oklahoma Leader- Stacy Marie Dieleman

Brittany is a college student in Mount Vernon who has been a fan of Supernatural since 2015. It easily became her favorite show with messages about fighting, survival, and family, and that is the message she wants to spread. Castiel's Angels is a great way to meet new people while also supporting amazing charities that have touched her heart.

Utah Leader - MaryJane Anderson

Germany Team - Currently Recruiting

My title is Angel by Proxy. I love helping and making a difference.


Oklahoma Leader -Brandy Bacon 

Ohio Leader-Brittany Starmer

"Fallen Not Broken"

Louisiana Team - Currently Recrutiing

Mississippi Leader- Steven Shiyou

Keli is from the Grand Rapids area of Michigan, she is a preschool teacher, that works with children that live below the federal poverty line. She is also a college student going for her full teaching certificate. Keli is an all around nerd that loves anything to do with science fiction, ancient lore, and blowing things up. She also sews and does bead word, some of which comes from her Native American background.

Utah Team - Currently Recruiting

Callie Duhon Louisiana I'm a wife and a mom full time. I suffer from anxiety and depression and having Supernatural has kept me fighting every single day to get past the obstacles I face. I want to help Castiel's Angels because I want to give to some of the people that basically saved my life.

 Maryland Leader - Elizabeth Jones

Michigan Team - Currently Recrutiing

Brazil Team - Currently Recrutiing

My name is Elizabeth and I have lived in MD since 1996 & met my hubby here. I have a beautiful & highly intelligent teenage daughter with ADHD & sensory issues. I am 5 feet (pocket sized) but have a huge heart. I am new to SPN (late to the party as usual) , but the show & the cast have already touched me deeply. I believe in the Angels & strive to be one here on earth.


 Russia Leader- Janie

West Virginia Leader- Terra Welch

Delaware Team - Currently Recrutiing

My name is Thalita Iwanowski, I live in Curitiba, the coldest capital of Brazil. I'm a teacher and an artisan. I love doing crochet, knitting and always inventing something related to crafts. I am in love with Supernatural and a great admirer of Misha Collins, the person who inspires me every day to do good and who has made me a better person. Being part of the Castiel's Angels family is an honor.

Brazil Leader - Thalita Iwanowski

Mary is working on recruiting & coming up with amazing Supernatural crafts to sell! She has been a fan of the show for about 7 years now & the show has helped her through some of the hardest parts of her life.  She just wants to give back to the actors who have had such a strong impact on her life!! Lets do this!! 

Maryland Team - Currently Recrutiing

Georgia - Sheila Colley

Hello! My name is Janie Romel and I am 21 yo. I'm from Russia! I studied at the director and actor of theatre and cinema. The first time I saw the show was a year ago. I am an artist. Always dreamed of becoming part of the #SPNFAMILY! Thanks to Castiel's Angels I now have this opportunity! Honestly, I do not know what else to say! Write to me and I will answer :)

 Michigan Leader- Keli Miller

Georgia Team - Angel

Illinois Leader- Cassandra Miles

Delaware Leader - Lexie Miller

Illinois Team - Currently Recruiting

Cassie went to school with Victoria back in the day & she is a hard worker. She loves the show and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She will do great things!!!

Belguim Team - Currently Recruiting

Florida Leader - Donna Comstock

Mississippi Team - Currently Recruiting

 Louisiana Leader - Lizzie Billiot

I wanna help because I love making things and helping others. I have always loved Supernatural since it aired. I've always been fascinated with the supernatural whether is was lore or urban legends.

Oklahoma Team - Currently Recrutiing

At home mom. In my spare time I do web design and promotion for country artist Uncle Kracker. Love Supernatural, I'm a Sam girl [πŸ˜€] [❀️]


Castiel's Angels

Russia Team - Currently Recrutiing

Cross stitch,go to the beach,shop [πŸ˜‚] Go to cons for sure....I love supporting the casts charities.Um....I binge watch a lot of TV,listen to music....Basic stuff.

I love the show because I feel like its taught me that family definitely doesn't end with blood and to keep on fighting the good fight even when things get rough.

Steven worked with Victoria at Blockbuster & now he is the leader of the Mississippi team! He is a natural born leader & will do amazing in his state! He is currently working on getting Castiel's Angels in a few comic shops & spreading the word like wild fire.

He just had a couple little ones brought into this world so he is doing what he can right now.

My name is Sheila, I have 2 beautiful daughters and 2 precious grandsons. I am 55 and love Supernatural because it has given me so much joy and so many new friends!


Germany Leader- Danielle Janine Boochs

I work at a retail store which sells shoes. I am married with no children and my hobbies are horseback riding or jogging with my dog Emma. I have 4 rescued rabbits and I love to paint with window color or build little candle dΓ©cor out of paper. How did I become an Angel? I saw on Twitter the great work they do and asked if I could join. My favorite character is Castiel, but I like Crowley and Meg too.